Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

SIA “PrintOnMeNow” that is based in Latvia, unified registration number: 40203282357, legal address: Rīga, Daugavgrivas iela 132 k-1, 1.stavs LV-1055, (hereinafter referred to as "PrintOnMeNow") offers various services in accordance with the following rules (hereinafter Terms of Use). The rules establisher on this page are the rules that are obliged to follow for each user of this page. Every user of this website is obliged to read the terms and conditions of PrintOnMeNow and follow the rules of Terms and conditions. In case of any change in Terms and conditions, PrintOnMeNow is not obliged to inform the user about it. The subsequent terms and conditions are valid in their composure from the moment of the order as soon as the customer accepted them. PrintOnMeNow doesn´t accept deviant conditions of the buyer.


PrintOnMeNow gives you a possibility to register on the website and create your own profile. While registering it is customer responsibility to give provide seller with the correct email address. PrintOnMeNow doesn’t take any responsibility in case customer uses wrong details, pretending to be another person or organization. Customer is responsible for his own password safety and for all the actions that he has done in his account. In case PrintOnMeNow have any doubt in identity of the specific person, PrintOnMeNow have rights to request additional information about customer’s identity otherwise PrintOnMeNow have a right to delete his suspicious account.


You can pay via Visa, Maestro and MasterCard payment cards. Please note: it is not possible to pay at delivery. The delivery fee (if any) is determined separately according to the www.printonemenow.eu shipping charges.


The costs of packaging and dispatch are charged separately and can be found in order summary. Shipping price might differ depending on the amount that customer spends in one purchase. Prices of the products might be changed by PrintOnMeNow together with the website updates. The price that customer sees in the order summery is the final price for specific order. All the prices are set up by PrintOnMeNow and cannot be disputed by wish of the customer.

Distance contract

The contract of purchase of the product between PrintOnMeNow and the User is considered to have been concluded from the moment the User has created a shopping cart and clicked on button “Pay”. The User is obliged to pay for the goods in accordance with the procedure and within the time limits laid down in the Terms of Use. PrintOnMeNow agrees to deliver the goods ordered and paid by the User to the address specified in the User’s order, based on the conditions set out in section “Terms of Delivery” of the Terms of Use. After paying for the Product, PrintOnMeNow sends the order confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer.

Terms of Delivery

Customer is responsible to provide PrintOnMeNow with the correct delivery information and presided delivery address. After receiving payment customers order will automatically go to the production. Production time takes 1-3 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and official celebration days). Delivery time takes 3-5 working days from the moment that customer received shipping confirmation email. Delivery is possible only to the Baltic States: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In addition to the delivery cost, you can find out in the "Delivery" section. Delivery to the islands takes additional fees. In case of delay customer should contact PrintOnMeNow directly by email: info@printonmenow.eu , indicating the order number. PrintOnMeNow cannot influence on delays that are caused by force majeure situations, wrongly provided delivery addresses etc. If prolonged, the causes of delays longer than four weeks after the conclusion of the contract that each party is entitled to withdraw from the contract. In case customer was not found at home and the goods are dropped to the pick-up point customer has 7 days to pick-up his goods. If the goods were not picked-up and after 7days period shipped back or the customer refuses the acceptance of the package, PrintOnMeNow has the right to cancel the order and cancel the contract. Forwarding charges that includes packing and shipping for each product.


PrintOnMeNow gives a possibility for the customers to upload their pictures on the website www.printonmenow.eu , which will be used for production of the canvases. The customer is solely responsible for the contents of the transferred photos. As soon as the photos are transferred to the system of PrinOnMeNow customer automatically confirms that he has rights to upload and use uploaded pictures. From this moment it is customer’s responsibility for any claims of third parties with regard to the property rights to the uploaded pictures. (Governing low of Latvian Republic Chapter 6. “Term of Copyright”, Section 37). Also in case third parties will have any issues with regard to the property rights to the uploaded pictures, customers will indemnify PrintOnMeNow from all claims. In this case the client will support PrintOnMeNow in the defense of such claims. The client will be responsible for all the incidental expenses (e.g. lawyer costs, fines, etc.). PrintOnMeNow guarantees that customers personal images will only be used for canvas production: to fulfil customers order and delivery to the indicated address. Customers personal photos will not be used in social networks, unless customer has a special agreement with PrinOnMeNow.

Complaint procedure

In case customer is not satisfied with the order received, or has any complaint about it customer should send an email to info@printonmenow.eu and provide PrintOnMeNow with all the details of the issue , as well as the photo that clearly shows the problem and mention the order number. PrintOnMeNow customer support will take care about customer’s complaint and help customer to find the best solution within 1-2 working days since the complaint has been received.In case PrintOnMeNow specialists consider the customer's complaint to be justified, the money will be returned within 3-5 working days after receiving the confirmation to the same bank account from which the payment was made. If the customer received a product that was damaged during transportation, PrintOnMeNow is entitled to resend the product another time without refund, because in this case the customer has received a damaged product due to the transportation company. In case the customer receives a second defective product after re-transfer, PrintOnMeNow will return the money for the defective product. The customer has 30 days to contact PrintOnMeNow about not receiving the product or 14 days about complaining about the product. In case customer is not satisfied with the picture quality, however it corresponds to the uploaded file (is blurry, pixelated or cropped by customer while placing an order) complaint is not justified in this case, as PrintOnMeNow does not offer editing services, therefore customer’s photo will not be edited manually. After customer uploads a photo on the website he can see a final preview of the photo in the ordering stage. That is the preview of the final print that will be printed on canvas. Once the order is placed the photo goes automatically to the production and the changes are no longer possible.

Rights to withhold

As soon as the customer has submitted the order, it is automatically gone to the production. From this moment customer does not have right to cancel contract, as PrintOnMeNow produces individually manufactured products. The customer is not entitled to oppose claims of PrintOnMeNow for payment with rights to withhold in case the ready product corresponds to the original file uploaded by customer while placing an order.